POPS is a registered IMPAQ tutor centre for primary school learners who need to function in a smaller environment and will benefit from individual attention.

We believe in a stable, social environment for children to interact with friends and build character, creating the platform to start from.

Good manners, respect for ourselves and others around us and taking ownership of our work is the three main focus points we build on. We use individual sessions to connect with a child on his or her level of understanding and give one-on-one attention to improve growth in every aspect.

All therapies presented at Young Health are included in our program. Research shows that movement creates neurological pathways in the brain, which is the origin of understanding, organizing and analysing different tasks to process and produce.

For this reason, POPS takes exercising and movement very seriously and it forms part of our curriculum to assure that there is no reflex or any other motor delay that may induce what the obstacle may be.


Although the Young Health Centre is a private teaching institution offering therapy, guidance, additional classes and tutoring to home school students, we acknowledge Section 8 of the South African Schools Act which provides that the management of a (public) school must adopt a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct must be subject to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, the South African Schools Act, 1996 and Provincial Legislation.

The purpose of this document is to provide a framework wherein safe, disciplined and beneficial learning and development can take place within our specialised environment. Our nurturing and structured therapy/learning space is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the Young Health centre, grow, develop and learn, each at their own pace.

The Young Health Centre encompasses education and therapy, all united by an unashamedly Christian Ethos. Our morals, values and general Code of Conduct is underpinned by everyday Biblical principles. Not only do we strive to guide our students to each achieve their own potential, but we envision them as worthy, self-disciplined, morally responsible adults, valued members of a larger society. As such, we aim to model and instruct our learners on appropriate behaviour which will not only make them successful in learning, but also successful in life. We promote respect for oneself and one another and do not condone any behaviour which infringes on another person’s Basic Human Rights.

For more information: pops@younghealth.co.za

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We promote health through movement, social interaction, general fitness and developmental skills. We teach children life skills and how to adapt to their environment using all their senses in a positive way.